Interview with Pastor Richard

'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God', was originally preached by Jonathan Edwards at Enfield, Connecticut in 1741. Pastor Richard brings it closer to home for the Christian by teaching from Galatians 5:19-21 where the Apostle Paul talks about the sins of the flesh that, if practiced willfully and continually by Christians, will deny them of the kingdom of God. It's a sobering word.

Program 25

Death Leaves Him for a Season, and He Returns to His Sin Like a Washed Sow to Wallowing in the Mud.

Program 24

His Pretended Repentance and Promise of Reform When Death Grimly Stared Him in the Face

Program 23

Badman Gets Drunk and Breaks a Leg – 

God's Judgement on Drunkards

Program 22

Badman's Pride, Atheism, Infidelity and Envy ~    Part 3 is focused on Envy

Program 21

Badman's Pride, Atheism, Infidelity and Envy ~    Part 2 - is focused on Spiritual Pride

Program 20

Badman's Pride, Atheism, Infidelity and Envy ~    Part 1 is focused on the Root of Pride

Interview with Pastor Richard

This great interview with Pastor Richard, highlights topics from the Holy Spirit Power Message Series and also The Celestial Railroad Message Series. You can read overviews of both of these also by clicking on these links. Holy Spirit Power, and The Celestial Railroad

Program 19

 Weighed on the Scales - Daniel 5:27 - Part 2 

Program 18

 Weighed on the Scales - Daniel 5:27 ~ Part 1

Program 17

 Bankrupt Badman ~ Part 3 

Program 16

Bankrupt Badman ~ Part 2

Program 15

Bankrupt Badman ~ Part 1

Program 14

Mr. Badman the Chameleon

Program 13

Mr. Badman the Persecutor

Program 12

Mr. Badman Being Unequally Yoked

Program 11

Mr. Badman in Sheeps Clothing

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